What comes to mind when you think of travel? Maybe you start thinking about all the different ways to get from one spot to another: flying, driving, or sailing, if you’re feeling fancy.

Maybe we could talk about different types of trips: a loungey beach vacation decked out with umbrella drinks, a trip home for the holidays to visit family and friends, or a cross-country journey to start a new life in a new city.

Or maybe you’re like me and you think about it as time away. When I travel, I’m usually leaving routine and ease behind and stepping into a new place. Those moments can be refreshing and eye-opening but also a little draining, and that’s why time away makes me appreciate home. It’s nice to get away, but I love getting back to my comfort zone — sleeping in my bed, and being around all the cozy things that bring me joy and peace.

Leaving routine behind and exploring a new place can be energizing. Easy enough. But sometimes travel means leaving the people and places we love. Not so easy. Remember that cross-country trip I mentioned? That happened. It was the right move at the time but it was also scary. There was a tearful goodbye, more tears on my flight, and way too many what-the-hell-was-I-thinking moments. So maybe you’re even more like me and travel makes you feel a little sentimental.

Knowing (and feeling) all that, how should we define travel?

I like thinking about travel as the journey from one place to a different place. That different place can be near or far. That different place can be in your state, city, or neighborhood. And you get there by flying, driving, or even walking.

I think we’re onto something. But let’s not stop there. It’s worth mentioning that travel should be and should feel accessible. It doesn’t have to be about saving and then spending a ton of money.

With that in mind, let’s try this out: travel is a when you start in one place and end up somewhere else. How cool is that?

It means that traveling just gets you from here to there. And sometimes ‘there’ is a physical location, but sometimes it’s a state of mind, an appreciation of something that used to confuse you, or a new way of thinking. Travel is our time to experience, learn, and grow.

It means that the chance to travel, whether it’s planned or unplanned, is all around us and that we’re all travelers in our own way.

So we’re going to use this blog to capture stories from all types of travelers and then share these moments with you.

Come join us on the journey from here to there.